The modern world is a very busy, hectic place where we rarely have time to step back from responsibilities to check to see if our priorities are in line with what is really important to us.

A silent meditation retreat allows us the time and best conditions to begin this inner journey to more compassionate understanding of ourselves. A retreat enables us to understand experientially the true causes of many of our problems and gives us ways to heal them. It is a rare and precious gift we can give ourselves.

The 9 day retreat is considered a whole unit with appropriate instruction given to the group morning and evening, to help guide the meditator along the experiential inner journey. The talks are designed to give meditators sufficient techniques to create a balanced practice that nurtures the unfolding of wisdom, the deepening of unselfish emotions, and the capacity to reflect in ways that help us bring practical solutions and clarity to our lives.

Rosemary & Steve give each retreatant more personalized guidance and the support of their long experience with three personal interviews. The private interviews allow for deeper communication between teacher and student, thus enabling Steve or Rosemary to access the student’s individual needs. Often a single sentence in a private interview can completely change the student’s perception and their direction of their practice, helping to address personal needs at different stages of the journey.¬†For further support there are opportunities to have any important questions that arise answered with private notes to the teachers.

During the retreat much time will be spent in formal sitting, walking, and standing meditation practice. Adjusted schedules and postures are given for older retreatants or those with physical limitations.

Activity throughout the day such as eating, bathing, chores, etc, will also be used to increase moment to moment awareness and help the meditator develop the capacity to be more present and aware in regular everyday activities. This is very important in helping the retreatant to integrate the formal practice into everyday actions.