Steve und Rosemary Weissman – international meditation teachers since 1988.

Rosemary & Steve Weissman’s approach to meditation is to encourage an overall and balanced mind development practice, methods people can use any moment of the day to find more inner happiness.

They emphasize developing mindfulness linked to a compassionate, lovingkind attitude towards ourselves and others. This objective, yet gentle practice, helps us in gaining insight into our own nature and the laws of nature; developing a deep compassionate understanding of the origins of difficulties and stress, and how to end them.

Their retreats and teachings are based in the skilful meditation techniques and path to insight of Theravada Buddhism. The main aim of the practice is to help us develop Vipassana or insight into reality and the deepening of unselfish emotions. Vipassana is an ancient Indian Pali word that does not mean a specific technique, but the resulting insight and wisdom which comes from skilful methods.

The techniques taught include the developing of:

  • Concentration and mindfulness.
  • Moment-to-moment awareness.
  • The investigative quality of clear comprehension which helps to discover the deeper laws of cause and effect, and dependent arising nature of body and mind.
  • Unselfish emotions such as compassion, lovingkindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity.
  • Yonisomanasikara, or wise reflection, which helps to develop the faculty of analytical investigation into the deeper truths and laws governing the body and mind.

If we develop a mindful and compassionate way of living, all of life experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, can be seen as a way to deepen our compassionate understanding, thus helping to liberate us from problems and difficulties and find more inner peace. As we learn to react in a wise way, peace, balance and strength start to be experienced within the purification and development of the mind.