Steve und Rosemary Weissman – international meditation teachers since 1988.

Rosemary Weissman (b. 1952) and Steve Weissman (b. 1949) have been practicing meditation since 1972, and have received instruction from many of the leading Buddhist meditation teachers of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, England and the United States.

In 1978, they developed a deep connection to the Buddha’s teaching as represented in the Theravadin tradition. This was deepened by participating in intensive Theravadin Buddhist retreats.

They traveled to Thailand in 1979 and had the good fortune of being able to visit and practice with many famous Thai meditation teachers. It was during this trip that they were greatly influenced by one teacher who stressed the importance of having compassion, not only for others but also to have compassion for themselves.

Upon returning to Australia, they integrated their practice into their daily life. Realizing the need for periodic withdrawal from activities into silent contemplation, they also continued attending meditation retreats, which included practice in Australia, Burma, the U.S.A. and Thailand.

The importance of the meditative path deepened in their life, so in 1986 they decided to devote themselves more fully to the Buddha’s teaching and moved to Thailand, practicing in many different monasteries.

In 1987, they were requested to teach at Wat Kow Tahm in Southern Thailand, and founded the International Meditation Retreat program in 1988. Since then, over 8,000 people from over 85 countries have participated in their retreats.

After 25 years in Thailand, they returned to Australia to live. Periodically, they teach in Australia and also travel to Europe & Singapore to teach retreats and/or workshops. They are authors of “…with Compassionate Understanding”, “Meditation, Compassion and Lovingkindness” and “Wise Reflection”, available worldwide.

Stressed highly among Steve and Rosemary’s teaching is the development of compassionate understanding.

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